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Telling the Story of Retail Products

I recently stopped by the Elliot Bay Book Store in Seattle and was impressed with the amount of personal reviews their team had hand-written for book titles. I ended up picking up a lot more books than I would have at a regular book store where I would browse covers or spines of books. In this era of fake internet product reviews, it was refreshing to see a handwritten review from someone who read the text… additionally some of the reviews got a good chuckle out of me (see below). Could this well executed strategy of telling stories about products be applied to more than just a bookstore?

Balancing Simple and Useful

Lots of buttons means it’s awesome… right? I had a recent Uber ride in a Ford Explorer and was incredibly overwhelmed by the quantity of

The Cost to Build a Mobile App

As a partner in a mobile software company, I frequently get peppered with the following types of questions: “So my <brother-in-law/neighbor/roommate/CEO> has an idea to

Migrating From Your Legacy MDM

“Just install the product for the new MDM and have it delete the old one… how hard can it be?”   Don’t you just love